An AfterShip alternative for Shopify with fewer bugs & better customer service

No technical headaches, no waiting for support, just a simple all-in-one order tracking platform you can rely on to boost customer satisfaction.

Stop worrying about technical issues

You don’t want to rely on a platform that does not run 24/7. It ruins your day, but also affects your customers. With ShippingPage, you can rely on 24/7 uptime, meaning you and your customers can always count on your order tracking page working.

Simple, clear pricing

No double invoices, no overcharging. Our prices are transparent and focused on providing you the absolute best service. We invest heavily in creating new features that benefit both you and your customers.

Easily installed within 5 minutes

We have timed this multiple times with multiple people. So grab your stopwatch, start installing ShippingPage and see how your store can benefit from better customer satisfaction and create an extra revenue stream for your business.

An Order Tracking Solution is becoming more and more important for e-commerce stores that want to stand out and that want to grow their revenue.

It is a very easy way to provide a great service for your customers. For example, did you know that 78% of consumers find a good post-order tracking update highly important?

Happy customers are returning customers. And returning customers create more revenue - something every e-commerce store is looking for at any given moment.

By providing your customers with a perfect order tracking solution that is always available, you are granted to provide the best post-purchase experience.

Combine that with widgets that allow you to upsell and cross-sell products in your store, and you are off to boosting both customer satisfaction and average revenue per customer.

So what if you are looking for an Aftership alternative? What should you pay attention to?

Features comparison

Let’s look at the features first, where we will dive deeper into the following elements:

  • The order tracking functionality
  • The tracking page itself
  • Off-shore tracking solutions
  • Customer support

Providing proper tracking

You want to have reliable tracking when it comes to orders. Not just for yourself, but primarily for your customers. They need to know

ShippingPage provides a 100% order tracking guarantee as long as your carrier provides the right data. We connect with your carrier, so we will always take the data from their side.

With AfterShip, this order tracking percentage can, according to some of their customers, drop all the way down to just 20%. That means that for every 100 customers that order from your store, 80 of them will not be satisfied with their order tracking experience.

The tracking page itself

Clear instructions are the way to go in the world of online shopping. We don’t walk into a regular store with barely any room to walk around.

That is the philosophy we took when designing our unique order tracking page. Humans are designed to go through simple instructions. If you overload a person with instructions, they have no idea where to go. If you have 12 choices, you never know whether you are taking the right one.

At ShippingPage, every order tracking page is simple: there’s a widget that displays the current order status along with a widget that shows additional products that you can purchase at your store. Visually pleasing, but more importantly it’s much more like to convert your customers to buy new products.

Tracking off-shore tracking solutions

Sometimes, your products have to come from a different part of the world. Whether it’s from your warehouse in South America, partners in Europe or additional purchases being imported from AliExpress.

A common complaint heard about AfterShip is that they do not provide proper tracking for off-shore carriers. A shame, since so many companies today rely on getting packages from abroad.

At ShippingPage, we believe that it doesn’t matter where your packages are coming from. That’s why we support carriers from around the globe, specifically suited to any occasion. That way, you can delight every single customer that orders from your store.

Customer Support

A huge factor for growing as an e-commerce store is to be able to rely on the functionality of the external software that you are using. For example, if your order tracking pages are down, your customers will ultimately be affected. This does not just cause an inconvenience for your customers, it also affects your brand.

ShippingPage was born out of the frustration of ecommerce owners not being able to find a perfect and reliable tool that offered perfect customer service.

If there is something wrong with your software, you want a fix now, not tomorrow. And you want an answer now, not in 8 hours.

Looking at the following reviews, it looks like the customer support is lacking in their response time and the way they handle fixing bugs and solving problems.

At ShippingPage, with customer service at its core, as it’s vital for a good product. After all, you are paying for a solution that needs to work. Not a solution that only works half the time.

Why e-commerce stores are using ShippingPage as the ideal Aftership alternative for Shopify

Customer support that you would expect

We see our customers as partners, and partners are there for each other. To fulfill that promise, we are available for support whenever you need it. Whether it’s when you’re behind the computer, on a walk, or wake up sweating in the middle of the night. ShippingPage’s support is always available.

Make more sales with our upsells widget

Any time your customer gets an update notification about their order, we will show them products from your store. This helps to get more eyes on your products, ultimately leading to more orders.

Automatically send emails to your customers

Through ShippingPage, all important updates about packages are communicated to your customers, automatically. This also includes emails about packages being stuck. Your customers are then provided with next steps to take to make sure they get their package as soon as possible.

Boost your customer satisfaction and retention

Nothing in the world beats a perfect customer experience. A satisfied customer is a customer that will come back. We help you to make sure your customers are happier, so you can be sure that they will return for more purchases.

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