Stay on top of customer’s orders

Know where every package you’ve sent is at so you can easily track if any problems with the package occur. Whenever a customer emails about the status of their order, it takes just 20 seconds to find the status and respond to their questions.

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Marcia Hill, Digital Marketing Manager
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Understand where your shipped orders are

Focus on the highest customer satisfaction by understanding where each individual is at, resulting in a better understanding of how well your shipping carriers are performing. Your overview allows you to track based on your shipping tracking numbers.

Customer profile user interface

A better way to send money.

Keep customer satisfaction high

Allow easy searching for packages in your system so you can answer customer questions as quickly as possible

Focus on what matters: deliveries

Ensure perfect delivery of your packages to your customers and immediately become aware of any problems with shipping.

Cut customer support tickets

Through our automated email system your customers will get updates about the status of their order, so you won’t receive as many tickets with those questions.

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