Keep customers in your own environment

Stop sending customers to the websites of shipping carriers and start sending them your own branded environment. This allows you to build more brand recognition and sell more products to your already existing customers, resulting in more revenue for your business.

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Marcia Hill, Digital Marketing Manager
Inbox user interface

Bring all the insights your customer needs

Show the status of your customers’ packages on the tracking page so they can get all the insights about their package: what the delivery status is, when it will be delivered, and more. Keep customers in the loop so they are completely satisfied with their experience.

Customer profile user interface

A better way to send money.

Sell more products

Show your products on your tracking page, so customers can immediately go back to your shop to order more products.

Build a stronger brand

Consumers check the status of their package anywhere between 5-12 times. Keep sending them to your branded environment to improve your brand recognition.

Improve customer satisfaction

Keep your customers satisfied by having them know where their packages are and when to expect them. Happy customers = returning customers.

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